poems for the children

Poems for the Children by Hanno Frank

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Adventurous and imaginative, this small collection of poems with drawings delights children and adults alike. Portable in both size and content, a few poems can be enjoyed in the time it takes to wait for the bus or fill the bath. Share a few entertaining moments with your favorite kid... without encouraging naughty behavior. Poems for the Children is available as a printed book or ebook on www.lulu.com, other online book sellers and your local bookstore.

print ISBN: 978-1-105-54205-3

electronic ISBN: 978-1-304-24209-9



Comments from the author

This book was produced after a couple of trips to the bookstore to find something for my nieces and nephew. After much irritation, I had to give up on finding age-appropriate poems that were not about how much kids hate their teachers, siblings or being required to act like decent human beings or about how much kids do like snot and teasing the dog. (The selection of English books for children is rather limited in our part of South East Asia.) I wanted a small number of poems that the children would actually like without encouraging bad behavior.

When I read the poems to my oldest niece (5 years old at the time), she asked, her eyes wide with surprise, "How did they know?"

"How did they know what, sweetie?"

"How did they know about Nabila and Stan? How did they know their names?"

It took me a while to convince her that I wrote the poems, not some faceless "they" out there in the distance. I am not sure, to this day, whether she entirely believes me or not.


Some of the poems included in this book were written in the bad poetry project.





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