dhiyanah hassan

Dhiyanah Hassan is an artist and writer, whose works seek to map out the terrains between memory and healing. She explores how storytelling can be used to reclaim a sense of selfhood in the aftermath of trauma. Often maintaining multiple projects at a time, she utilizes various mediums and formats with a focus on the body's relationship to landscapes and memories.

She has a BA of Arts (Fine Art) from RMIT, Australia, and is currently based in Malaysia freelancing as an editor and illustrator. Dhiyanah has designed book covers for recent publications, read a memoir piece for the Voices: Woman I Dream showcase at Georgetown Literary Festival 2016, and completed a two-month artistís residency in Rimbun Dahan. Her writing and poetry has appeared in print and online media, including Star2, BACCARAT Malaysia, Rambutan Literary, and Burning House Press.

Find out more about her and her works on Twitter and Instagram: @afraidofwords

Books by Dhiyanah Hassan:

1minute stories r7 by the 1minute story collective

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What would you expect from a writer if they were locked in a room and told to write a story in a single sitting based on a few words given as a topic. Well, if the writers were from the MYWriters Penang writing group, there's no way you could anticipate the wacky, diverse and creative output that resulted from round 7 of the 1minute story project. Fortunatey, you don't have to imagine it... you can buy the book or download the PDF for free! Available as a printed book from www.lulu.com, other online book sellers and your local bookstore.

print ISBN: 978-1-387-22310-7

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