1minute stories r7

1minute stories r7 by the 1minute story collective

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What would you expect from a writer if they were locked in a room and told to write a story in a single sitting based on a few words given as a topic. Well, if the writers were from the MYWriters Penang writing group, there's no way you could anticipate the wacky, diverse and creative output that resulted from round 7 of the 1minute story project. Fortunatey, you don't have to imagine it... you can buy the book or download the PDF for free! Available as a printed book from www.lulu.com, other online book sellers and your local bookstore.

print ISBN: 978-1-387-22310-7

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The 1minute story collective includes:

Cover illustration by Dhiyanah Hassan:

Interna illustrations by Winnie Cheng:





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