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Originally from Scotland, Mark Walker now spends most of his time in Malaysia and East Africa. As a travel consultant by profession, he has a voracious curiosity about all aspects of life in all the places he has visited. This deep engagement is reflected in his output as a teller of stories, a poet, writer and photographer. He tells stories through all of the media he uses, sometimes hitting hard and to the point, to give voice to those issues that he is passionate about.

His experiences as a co-founder of the Say It Like You Like You Mean It variety show in Penang, Malaysia, has enabled him to nurture new and raw artistic talent as they spread their wings and perform original work for the first time in front of an audience. He has also developed workshops for artists to hone their skill and excel in what drives them.

His street photography is raw and tells a story.

His poetry makes you think and may punch you in the gut.

His story telling is full of characters sometimes serious, though often with more than a pinch of humour thrown in.

He lives life to the full in all he does.

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Books by Mark Walker:

1minute stories r7 by the 1minute story collective

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What would you expect from a writer if they were locked in a room and told to write a story in a single sitting based on a few words given as a topic. Well, if the writers were from the MYWriters Penang writing group, there's no way you could anticipate the wacky, diverse and creative output that resulted from round 7 of the 1minute story project. Fortunatey, you don't have to imagine it... you can buy the book or download the PDF for free! Available as a printed book from, other online book sellers and your local bookstore.

print ISBN: 978-1-387-22310-7

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Swahili Chronicles by Mark Walker

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Swahili Chronicles Mark Walker's first book, describes a journey of 5,000 kilometers taken through Tanzania exclusively using public transport. Told through diary entries, poems and photographs, Mark shares the characters he encounters and the many chance incidents that weave a fantastic tale sometimes gritty, sometimes warm and uplifting, but always endearing.

print ISBN: 1514219344

electronic ASIN: B019H6VMK4






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