gbp co-publishers

dhiyanah hassan

Dhiyanah Hassan is an artist and writer, whose works seek to map out the terrains between memory and healing. She explores how storytelling can be used to reclaim a sense of selfhood in the aftermath of trauma. Often maintaining multiple projects at a time, she utilizes various mediums and formats with a focus on the body's relationship to landscapes and memories.


hanno frank

In addition to writing her own books, Hanno Frank coordinates Garden Bench Projects and, when she can find the time, updates the Garden Bench website.


horizon gitano

Dr. Horizon Gitano was raised by a knife wielding maniac. Then by wolves. After failing fifth grade, his goal in life was to drop out of school. Eventually, he made it to college and then grad school. He was elected president or deity or something but had to decline on account of a grievous lack of beliefs on his part. Now Horizon runs a small tech company in the jungles of South East Asia and spends an inordinate amount of time defoliating.


mark walker

Originally from Scotland, Mark Walker now spends most of his time in Malaysia and East Africa. As a travel consultant by profession, he has a voracious curiosity about all aspects of life in all the places he has visited. This deep engagement is reflected in his output as a teller of stories, a poet, writer and photographer. He tells stories through all of the media he uses, sometimes hitting hard and to the point, to give voice to those issues that he is passionate about.





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