bad poetry

Bad Poetry by Hanno Frank

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Why would anyone intentionally write bad poetry? As Hanno Frank demonstrates, writing bad poetry allows the freedom to go anywhere and create anything… no matter how stinky. Finding inspiration in various body parts, less than optimal relationships, bad hair and rhymes that set your head on fire, this collection pushes the limits of poetic license to the absurd. The poems and accompanying edgy illustrations will amaze, distract and possibly disgust you, as you laugh, whimper and claw your way through them. And, perhaps, if you are very lucky, they might inspire you to attempt to write something even worse yourself! Available as a printed book and ebook from, other online book sellers and your local bookstore.

print ISBN: 1503280020

electronic ASIN: B00R4UV1ZC



Some of the poems included in this book were written in the bad poetry project.





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