Ecstatic by Hanno Frank

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This small collection of poems and accompanying nature photos describe a personal journey in which love and transformation are intertwined and inseparable. Available as a printed book and ebook from, other online book sellers and your local bookstore.

print ISBN: 1517475848

electronic ASIN: B016RULYQK



Comments from the author

This book is dedicated to everyone who taught me to love and be loved.

There is no need to explain or describe these poems. What they mean to you is what they were meant to mean. I will, however, share with you how the cover image came into being. While collecting the images for this book from the stacks and stacks of disks storing photos I took over the last decade, I was particularly drawn to these flowers and the experiences they carried for me. As I started to fuse the images together, the process began representing the stark reserve of chilly Germany and the luxuriant rambling of tropical Malaysia. Ecstasy lies in the honoring, blending and transmutation of these divergent phases of my journey.

Below the cover are images that included in the book, but here in the original color and uncropped.





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