SOFAMUNDO by Hanno Frank and Horizon Gitano

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An experiment to see how one topic, the humble sofa, can be approached by as many techniques and styles as two artists can think up in a long afternoon. Twenty-five depictions of sofas in 9" x 7" format. Available as a printed book from



Comments from author Horizon Gitano

For literally millions of people living in developed countries, sofas are an integral part of daily life. People sit on them, watch TV, play video games and eat on them. Various creative postures for mating are practiced on them, and some people even sleep on them, often immediately following the aforementioned exertion. With this in mind, we thought it would be elucidating to introduce the sofa user to the higher works of art after various painters, artists and charlatans (e.g., Angelo, Warhol, Pollock). By a cruel twist of fate, I myself am not legally allowed to use sofas for another 7 years. But I hope you at least can enjoy this visual tribute to the humble sofa.


Comments from author Hanno Frank

Cubism was intened initially as an exercise to help painters relate to the representation of three-dimenstional space in two dimensions. As a painter, I have learned a lot from various painting exercises, from copying my favorite paintings in an attempt to learn technique to using different representations for the same topic. In the case of SOFAMUNDO, we decided to take one object, the humble sofa, and paint as many sofas in as many styles and using as many techniques as we could come up with in one afternoon.


Preview of SOFAMUNDO



Just two days after the first edition of SOFAMUNDO was published, the self-publishing company we used to create and distribute it annonced that the format (5.25" x 3.5") was going to be discontinued. So, the book was reformatted for a new edition in 9" x 7 " format. Page numbers were also added to make it easier to match the sofa with its title. The second edition became available on 15 August 2013.





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